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Parish of Saint James

The local mecca for resorts and tourism activities, the parish of St. James is for many a first choice vacation destination. Its capital Montego Bay is recognized as the second city of the island, Kingston being the first. The Donald Sangster International Airport in the city is the busiest airport in the English speaking Caribbean. To no surprise, one in every four persons living in St. James is employed to the tourism industry.

Homes for sale in Parish of Saint James

Parish of Saint Thomas

A quiet and quaint region on the east coast of the island, St Thomas is most revered for its illustrious history, which arguably had set the precedence for freedom in the Caribbean during the 1800s. Today it is the retreat for many, boasting mineral baths, waterfalls, and black sand beaches, which are especially favored by surfers.

Homes for sale in Parish of Saint Thomas

Parish of Westmoreland

Westmoreland is a famed easygoing parish with a 7-mile beach strip in the popular town Negril. “West-end”, as it is typically called, encourages a standard sandals and t-shirt or beachwear uniform, especially along the hip strip where laidback is a core value. It caters largely to those whose idea of relaxation includes sun, sand, sea and a little rum.

Homes for sale in Parish of Westmoreland

Parish of Saint Ann

The “Garden Parish” of St. Ann is one of the most popular regions on the island, especially for tourists. Home to one of the most famous waterfalls in the Caribbean, Dunn’s River Falls, it boasts a stunning coastline with turquoise seas and hidden gems like its over 60 underground caves. Its most famous town is called Ocho Rios.

Homes for sale in Parish of Saint Ann

Parish of Saint Catherine

St. Catherine is one of the island’s largest and most important parishes for commerce. It is the second most populous region and continues to grow rapidly, particularly in a province called Portmore. For locals, St. Catherine’s beaches are a favourite, especially for its seafood fare.

Homes for sale in Parish of Saint Catherine

Parish of Saint Elizabeth

Off the beaten path lies St. Elizabeth, the island’s “bread basket”. This region produces most of the vegetables sold on the island. St. Elizabeth was once the most prosperous commercial centre, with its capital town, Black River, being the first place in Jamaica to install electricity. This parish has a strong heritage; hosts the only crocodile refuge on the island and boast a diverse landscape of swamps, waterfalls, rivers, beaches, mountains, and caves.

Homes for sale in Parish of Saint Elizabeth

Parish Trelawny

This port district welcomes cruise ships from around the world on a daily basis. Its capital town Falmouth is often treated as an extension of Montego Bay due to its important resorts and other tourist attractions. Trelawny is also revered for it mountainous landscape.

Homes for sale in Parish Trelawny

Parish of Saint Mary

Once a thriving banana region, St. Mary is renowned as one of the most important farming areas on the island. In spite of the decline in its agriculture activities, the parish has seen substantial growth in its tourism. Today St. Mary boasts some of the best beaches, hotel and guesthouses as well as plantation properties that the island has to offer.

Homes for sale in Parish of Saint Mary


The heartbeat of the island and home of reggae music, Kingston is known for its high frequency and vibrant energy. The capital city is always teeming with activities from cultural events to the everyday bustle of city life.

Homes for sale in Kingston

Parish of Saint Andrew

Together with its sister parish, Kingston, this area is the most populated on the island in spite of being the second smallest parish. St. Andrew is not only the residential haven for many Jamaicans but is also known for being the business and commerce hub of the island.

Homes for sale in Parish of Saint Andrew

Parish of Manchester

On the south-central side of the island lies Manchester, one of the most mountainous parishes. Its capital, Mandeville has often been described as the “typical English village” since British expats often reside there due to its cool climate year round. Today, Mandeville is one of the largest and most affluent urban areas in Jamaica.

Homes for sale in Parish of Manchester


Hanover is the smallest parish in Jamaica and is often overlooked for it’s popular resort neighbours St. James and Trelawny. Nevertheless, it has it own beauty and charm, which is easy to discover as it shares the famed Negril Strip with Westmoreland. It is host to some of the most renowned luxury hotels on the island including Tryall Golf Club, which currently houses a 200-year-old water wheel from the times of slavery.

Homes for sale in Hanover


Clarendon is best known for being the centre of the agricultural industry in Jamaica. Denbigh, a small town in Clarendon, has hosted the largest agriculture show in the Caribbean annually since Jamaica’s Independence, celebrating Jamaica’s wealth of domestic and agricultural products. Its capital, MayPen is a major market centre for the parish, which is located along the Rio Minho River, which is the longest river on the island.

Homes for sale in Claredon


Truly Jamaica’s best kept secret, Portland is a sight to behold of untouched lush landscape. Since it rains all year round, Portland offers a celestial freshness that instantly captivates everyone. Beautiful beaches, caves, lagoons, mountains, and waterfalls are some of the parish’s most prized features. It’s also the birthplace of jerk chicken!

Homes for sale in Portland

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